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The third "Raider" graphic novel is now available! In "Raider: Dead Men's Tales", Raider travels to Australia to deliver a dying man's message to his daughter. Simple enough, except for two things: Raider is the man's killer and the daughter is Agent Vega! Can Raider and Vega put aside their differences long enough to stop the lethal plan of a Dominator splinter group? Plus: Ben has to deal with the ghosts of his past.

Welcome to the official site for the Raider graphic novels, created by Thomas F. Zahler. Currently, there are three available in the series: "From the Shadows","A Cold Day in Heaven". and the third, "Dead Men's Tales" Each graphic novel is over 100 pages of entertainment, featuring the mysterious Raider and the shadow conflict between the Benefactor Agency and the Dominator conspiracy.

Lance Eaton wrote some exceedingly good things about the third Raider book. You can read his review in full on the review page or by clicking here. Here are some snippets.

Raider’s got charisma. He makes mistakes, he makes jokes, but he is still in the end a much more dynamic character than other popular super secret agents. With his mortality much more obvious and prevalent than your typical agent, his actions and words weigh heavy in the story. The antagonistic but playful chemistry between him and Vega provides some elements of humor and also sympathy for Raider, whom readers know is reluctant to make stronger connections with people.

Thomas F. Zahler fantastically brings readers (and neophytes to the series) up to date with his brief summation of the plot thus far. Anyone can pick up this graphic novel and easily fall right into step and enjoy Raider’s adventures. Even the curious sub-plot with Ben and a captured Dominator agent manages to be descriptive enough for readers to enjoy while also being slightly cryptic enough to entice readers to come back for more.

Zahler’s shadowing in this black-and-white graphic novel can at times be very subtle, particularly with Raider, whose obvious ambiguity can permeate almost every panel. He manages to depict violence and action quite intriguingly, including a fantastic and stark panel illustrating a murder by sword.

John Siuntres ran into me in Chicago and did a quick audio interview with me about the Raider series. You can go to his site, and hear me and several other talented creators talk about their work.

Beau Smith, writer of the introduction to Raider #3, has put some kind words about me on his site, as well as some equally good ones about my fellow comics-makers Paul Storrie and Matt Haley. Enough of my words, here is just a sample of Beau's:

"Thom does it all. I hate guys that can do it all. Especially when their name ain’t my name. Thom is one of these writers that ya should know more about. I’m sorry to say due to the climate of comics, lazy editors and comic book politics, Thom’s talent as a writer and creator hasn’t hit enough pockets of mainstream to get the notice that he deserves."

"Raider: Dead Men's Tales" is now available from! And while you're there, be sure to pick up "Raider: A Cold Day in Heaven", "Raider: From the Shadows", and even his sitcom script "Long Distance".

Thom Zahler and Maerkle Press will be at WizardWorld Chicago in Artist's Alley. Check us out at space 9044A.

Also, Thom has been interviewed by the fine people at Newsarama. Check out the interview here.

Thom Zahler and Maerkle Press will be at San Diego at Comic-Con International at Booth #2135. Once again, Zahler will be doing free caricatures for the duration of the show. Sit down, get a picture, and hear about the exciting Raider series.

A ten page preview PDF of "Dead Men's Tales" is now available here!

Thom Zahler will be appearing at the following conventions this year:

Comicon International
San Diego, California

July 14-17, 2005

WizardWorld Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

August 5-7, 2005

Baltimore Comicon
Baltimore, Maryland

September 17-18, 2005

WizardWorld Boston
Boston, Massachusetts

September 30-October 2, 2005

WizardWorld Dallas
Dallas, Texas

November 4-6, 2005

Columbus, Ohio

November 26-27, 2005