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I spend most of my life in a 20 foot by 8 foot room. Okay, it's a nice room, but still, my studio can be a little confining. As such, I love to get out and meet new people, even do a little bit of speaking.

So if you need a speaker for your event, something a little bit different, give me a try. I've been on several local Cleveland radio and TV shows, including "Lanigan and Malone", "Fox 8 Morning News", "Del's Folks" and "Good Morning Cleveland" as well as the comics-themed internet radio show "Fanboy Radio."

I also do teaching and lecturing, having worked for a number of local libraries (especially during Teen Reads Week) and Barnes and Noble. I can come out to talk history of comic books to teenagers and adults, or teach some bassic drawing to kids of all ages.

I do have a speaking fee of $100 for a one hour talk or teaching session.

Lastly, I do Career Days. I think it's very important for aspiring artists (and their parents) to know that it's possible to be a successful artist. I don't charge for Career Days, but those are on an availablity basis. I've spoken at several local schools, grade school, high school and college.

Please e-mail me or call (440.269.8653) for more information.