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Recently, I've started doing convention sketches, and having a blast doing it. I think the success of Love and Capes and its style is why people are interested in having me draw their favorite characters. And I'm having so much fun, I want to keep doing it.

Want to decide who's in the next collection? That's easy. Ask me to do a commission for you, and it could wind up in the next book.

So here's the deal: For $50.00, you'll get an 8.5x11 black and white original commission featuring one character, and a same sized color print of the commission. (I color on computer, so the b/w original will be untouched.) Pick any character you want, even if I've already drawn them. A lot of these characters open themselves up to multiple interpretations. Let me know what version of the character you want, too. Supergirl in her animated series outfit? Mary Marvel Murderess in black? Backgrounds will be simple, if at all. And no nudity.

I'll entertain two-character commissions for $100, but it'll be my call if I take them. If you're interested in that, e-mail me here and put COMMISSION in the title. I'm definitely going to do a Harley and Ivy, and have already done a Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl image.

I'll generate some myself, too, which you can purchase on this site. So, if you see some artwork you like, click on it and see if it's for sale. Or click on any to see a larger image.


Supergirl #3 Batgirl Duo Damsel KItty Pryde 01 Electra Woman and Dyna Girl Emma Frost
Power Girl Dark Phoenix Dream Girl Black Canary Poison Ivy Enchantress
Dawnstar Amethyst Harley and Ivy Polaris Harley Quinn Batgirl-Catwoman
Shadowcat Valkyrie Dazzler Slave Leia Supergirl Animated Number Six
Mera Phantom Lady Scarlet Witch Rogue Bo and Boo Mera02
Poison Ivy 2 Raven Scarlett Starfire 01 Black Widow Wonder Woman and Power Girl
Halo Aura Batgirl and HArley Mera and Tula Elektra 01